Doctoral Dissertations:

Directed Ph.D. theses for:

Barbara Osofsky (1964), full Professor, Rutgers University.
Avraham Orenstein (1966), full Professor, Israel Inst. of Technology (TECHNION), Haifa, Israel
William Caldwell (1966), full Professor, Chair, Math Dept., Univ. of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida
Victor Camillo (1970), full Professor, Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
John H. Cozzens (1970), Senior Research Mathematician, and Program Director for Applied Math, National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C.
Ann Koski Boyle (1971), full Professor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Program Director for Algebra, National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C.
Ranga Rao (1973), full Professor, Univ. of Aurangabad, India
Saroj Jain (1973), Assoc. Professor, Indianapolis, Indiana, Butler State Univ.
Co-directed (with W. Vasconcelos) the Ph.D thesis of Leroy Hudson (1985), Professor, US Merchant Marine Academy Kingspoint, L.I. New York

External Examiner of Ph.D. Theses of:

David Fields (McGill Univ.., Montreal,  Circa 1969)
John Lawrence ( Carleton University., Ottawa, 1975)
Mary Upham Wright (McGill Univ.., Montreal, Circa 1977)
Dolors Herbera (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, 1992)


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Conference Proceedings:

1. Module Theory (C. Faith and S. Weigand Eds.), Lecture Notes in Math., 700 (1979), Springer-Verlag (edited), 239 pages.


1.  Here we go round the mulberry bush:  How numbers grow like berries.

Invited Papers:

Vol. of Archiv der Mathematik commemorating R. Baer’s 60th birthday anniversary (2 papers with Y. Utumi), 1964
Vol. of Nagoya Math. Jour, in memory of T.Nakayama, 1966
Vol. of Mathematische Zeitschrift celebrating G. Kothe’s 60th birthday anniversary, 1966
1977 Antwerp Ring Theory Conference Proceedings
1981 Proceedings of the Hudson Symposium, Plattsburgh
“Algebraist’s Homage”, N. Jacobson on his 70th birthday, Contemp. Math13 (1982)
Invited paper in the Emmy Noether Centenary Celebration issue of theJournal of Pure and Applied Algebra, vol. 31 (1984)
Invited paper in the Robert Warfield Memorial volume of Communications in Algebra,  vol. 19 (1991)
Invited paper in the Pere Menal Memorial volume (C.Perelló, Ed.)Publicacions Matemàtiques, vol. 36 (1992)
Invited paper for Orsatti’s 60th Birthday Conf. Proceedings (1997)

Papers Presented to Mathematical Congresses:

International Congress of Mathematicians, Edinburgh, 1958
International Congress of Mathematicians, Stockholm, 1962