Group Photo of the Zanesville Conference 2007

Zanesvilles 2007

First Row (from the left): Gangyong Lee, Pramod Kanwar, Abraham & Barbara Osofsky, Carl & Molly Faith­Sullivan, Lia Vas, Tsit­Yuen Lam, Tariq Rizvi, Leonid Krop, Silvana Bazzoni, Hai Quang Dinh, Mamadou Barry, Alina Duca, Charles Lanski, Sergio Roberto López­Permouth

Second Row: Agata Smoktunowicz, Jae Koel Park, Robert Wisbauer, ?, Walter Burgess, Vladmir Kharchenko, Lara Sagahon­Kharchenko, Dinh Van Huynh is right above Tsit Yuen Lam & behind & to the right of Lia Vas, Mohammad Saleh, Stelios Charalambides, Alberto Facchini (left & behind Silvana), Gary Birkenmeier, Franco Guerriero***) , the delightful, deft (not daft!) Emcee for the banquet is behind & to the right of Mamadou, Ashish Srivastava (between Alina and Charles), Charudatta Hajarnavis, Evrim Akalan,

Third Row: Steve Szabo, Benigno Parra (Ph. D students of Sergio) at the left, Greg Marks, Jan Trlifaj behind Vlad & Lara Kharchenko­Sagahon, ?, Mikhail Chebotar, Surender (Never Surrender!) Jain* to the left & behind Alberto, then José Luis Gómez Pardo, Warren McGovern, Peter (never Paul or Freddy) Vamos, ?, Cosmin Roman, John Dauns, Bulent Sarac

Last Row a little raggedly: Jorg Feldvoss, Dolors Herbera, George Bergman, Kent Fuller, Vic Camillo, ?, Patrick Smith****), Christian Lomp, Alexander Diesl, Peter Pappas**), Noyan Er, Edmunf Puczylowski (behind Warren McGovern), Ahmad Mojiri, Tom Dorsey, Pace Nielsen, Keith Nicholson, John Clark*)

*)An amusing coincidence—as I was helping Pramod, Sergio, Alberto, Tariq, among others construct this index, on MidSomer’s Murders, murder’s family motto was “Jamais vainçu”” (i.e., Never Surrendered!—or maybe Never Conquered.)

**) I recognized Peter Pappas because, as he told us, of a family gene­­ his hair turned white when he was 22 years old.

***) Franco Guerriero, our genial emcee for the banquet. (In Spanish, Guerrero means warlike, warring, or mischievous, so be careful!)

****) Patrick Smith looked so cherubic I didn’t recognize him at first!

Many faces are familiar but the shadows & the low resolution makes an ID iff. I  recognized Peter Papas because he told that a family gene turned his hair turned white when he was 22 or 23. I recognized myself from the generous lunch I had just eaten! The hat of the  mathematician to the left of Sergio hid his face, but I saw it on a police poster somewhere. In fact that is probably why so many faces look familiar! Hmmm. next time I go to the Post Office, I’ll copy your names out. Ha­ha, Carl