Invited Talks:

1977 Antwerp Ring Theory  Conference Proceedings 1980
Antwerp Ring Theory Conference ProceedingsSymposium on Azumaya’s 65th birthday, Indiana Univ., April, 1981
Symposium on N. Jacobson’s 70th birthday, Yale Univ., 6/81; Contemp. Math.,1982
Invited paper in the Emmy Noether Centenary Celebration issue of theJournal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 1984
Invited paper in the Robert Warfield Memorial volume (Pere Menal, Ed.)Comm. Algebra119 (1991)
Invited paper in the Pere Menal Memorial volume (C. Perelló General Ed.)Publicacions Matemàtiques 36(1992)

Other Invited Talks:

Purdue University, 1954
Michigan State University, 1955
Pennsylvania State University, 1957, 1961
Frankfort University, W. Germany, 1959
University of Heidelberg, W. Germany, 1959
University of Munich, W. Germany, 1960
University of Mainz, W. Germany, 1960
Conference in Homology at Oberwolfach, (Black Forest) Germany, June 1960
University of Maryland, 1961, 1963
Lectures on Galois TheoryPrinceton University and Institute for Advanced Study (10 lectures), 1962
Rutgers University, 1962
Lehigh University, 1964
University of Wisconsin, 1964
University of Milwaukee, 1964
A.M.S.Northwestern, 1964
University of Chicago, 1964
University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1964
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1964
Cornell University, 1965
University of California, Riverside, 1964
McGill University, Montreal, 1967, 1972
Miami University, Coral Gables, 1967
Univ. of Delhi, India (18 lectures), 1968
University of Jaiphur, India, 1968
University of Agra, India, 1968
Tata Inst. for Advanced Study, Bombay, 1968
Stella Maris College, Madras, India, 1968
Ramanujan Inst. for Advanced Study, Madras, India, 1968
University of Florida, Gainesville (3 lectures), 1968 Ring Theory Conf.
Appalachian State Univ., NC (5 lectures), 1969
Ring Theory Conf., Hudson Symposium, Plattsburgh , NY, 1970
Ring Theory Conf., Istituto di Alta Matematica , Rome, 1970
Ring Theory Conf., Tulane Univ., New Orleans (9 lectures), 1970
Ring Theory Conf., Arkansas State Univ., 1971
Algebra Day, Carleton University, Ottawa, 1972
Colloquium, Univ. of Iowa, Iowa, 1973
Ring Theory Conf., Univ. of Chicago, 1973
Ring Theory Conf., A.M.S., San Francisco, 1974
Ring Theory Conf., Kent State, 1975
“Faithful modules & generators of Mod-R,” (lectures), Israel Inst. of Tech. (TECHNION), Jan., 1976
Algebra Day, Israel Math Union, Univ. of Haifa, Jan., 1974
Colloquium, Ben Gurion Univ. of the Negev, Beersheva, Jan., 1976
Algebra Day, Carleton University, Ottawa, 1975
Algebra Day, Carleton University, Ottawa, 1976
Algebra seminar, McGill Univ., Montreal, spring, 1976
“Homological methods in ring theory conf.,”  Oberwolfach, May,1976
Colloquium, Penn State Univ.., State College, Nov., 1976
Colloquium, Indiana Univ.., Bloomington, Dec., 1976
Colloquium, Ohio State Univ., Dec., 1976
Colloquium, Fordham Univ., NY, Oct., 1977
Colloquium, Alberta Univ., Edmonton, Dec., 1977
A.M.S.. Special Session in Module Theory (organizer & speaker) summer meeting, Seattle, Aug., 1977
Antwerp Conf. in Ring Theory, 1977 (University of Antwerp)
Colloquium, City University of NY, Graduate Center, Fall, 1977
Ring Theory Conf., Canadian Math. Society. summer conf., McGill Univ.., July, 1977
Colloquium, McMaster Univ., Hamilton, Ontario, spring, 1978
A.M.S. special session on direct sum representations (organizer & speaker), annual meeting, Atlanta, Jan., 1978
Antwerp Conf. in Ring Theory, Antwerp, Aug., 1978
“Injective modules over Levitzki rings,” and “The genus of a module and generic families of rings” Yale Univ., New Haven, Sept., 1978
Special session of the A.M.S. on Homological algebra, Syracuse Univ., Oct., 1978
Univ. of Northern Illinois, “A History of Injective Modules,” (two talks), April, 1979
Univ. of Iowa, April, 1980
Special session in ring theory, Indiana Univ., Bloomington, April, 1980
George Mason Univ. of Northern VA, Nov., 1980
Special session in ring theory, Canad.Math.Soc., Vancouver, Dec. 1980
Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, Dec., 1980
Symposium on Advances in Noncommutative Ring Theory, Plattsburgh, April, 1981
Yale Univ. symposium honoring Prof. Jacobson, June, 1981
Colloquium, New Mexico State Univ., Las Cruces, April, 1982
University of Southern California, April, 1982
University of Santa Barbara, April, 1982
Antwerp Conf. in Ring Theory (invited paper in the Emmy Noether Centenary Celebration Vol., Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra,1984), Aug.1982
Special Session in Ring Theory, A.M.S. meeting, U of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, March, 1983
Conference on Direct Sum Decompositions, Exeter U., April, 1984
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Apr./Jun, 1986
University of Granada, Spain, May, 1986
University of Wisconsin, Parkside, April, 1987
Univ. of  Wisconsin, Milwaukee, April, 1987
Marquette University, April, 1987
University of Murcia, Spain, July, 1987
Special Session in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, A.M.S., Lincoln, Nebr., April, 1987
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, June/July, 1987
Algebra Semester, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Fall 1989
Special Session in Ring Theory, Summer Meeting of the American, Math. Society, Ohio State Univ.. Columbus, Ohio, Aug. 8-11, 1990
Five Lectures in Algebra, Univ. of Parma (Italy), June 1991
Seminar Lecture, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Jan. 1992
Seminar Lecture, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Nov. 1992
Oberwolfach Conference in Non-commutative Algebra, July 4-10, 1993
Seminar Lectures, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 1994 and 1995
Seminar Lectures, Univ of Udine., Udine, Italy, July 1995
Padova U, Conference in honor of Adalberto Orsatti, June 1997