80th Birthday

Memories of the Zanesville Ohio University Conference in Honor of Carl Faith’s 80th and Barbara Osofsky’s 70th Birthday, June 15-17, 2007

Invited Speakers:

Victor P. Camillo (U. Iowa), AlbertoFacchini (U. Padova, Italy), Kent R. Fuller (U. Iowa), José-Luis Gomez-Pardo (U. de Santiago de Compostela, Spain), Charudatta Hajarnavis (U. Warwick, UK), Birge Huisgen-Zimmermann (U. Cal.at Santa Barbara,), T. Y.Lam (U. Cal. at Berkeley), Patrick F. Smith (U.Glasgow,UK), Agata Smoktunowicz (U. Edinburgh, Scotland), JanTrlifaj (Charles U., Czech Republic), Robert Wisbauer (U. of Dusseldorf, Germany.) Other speakers were: George Bergman (U.Cal., Berkeley), S. K. Jain (Ohio U. at Athens), Roger & Sylvia Wiegand (U. of Nebraska),PeterVamos (Exeter U, England) & Japheth Wood (Bard College):

Speakers at the Banquet:

Dean James Fonseca (Ohio U.at Zanesville), official welcome, S. K. Jain about Barbara’s & my contributions to math, and to him personally, Victor Camillo extolled my zaniness at Rutgers U. back in 1966-1970. Patrick Smithrecalled a telling remark I made to him at the Exeter conference in 1983 organized by Peter Vamos, “Patrick, you are more like our student than Alfred Goldie (his Ph.D. adviser!) is!” Then Patrick roasted Barbara by having her star in a bizarre movie scenario dressed in black leather & riding a motor cycle on mountain curves, and Peter Vamos roasted me for a series of letters to him addressed variously as Peter, Paul, and Freddy! (The fact that it was true only increased its hilarity!) I didn’t have the wit to tell them that I called a freshman student at Penn State U. back in 1958 by the wrong name—he didn’t correct me because hedisliked his given name, Beauregard. So now everybody calls him Dick!

Testimonial Excerpts and Reminisces

Zaneville Testimonial Excerpts and Reminisces

  1. Carl Faith: Greetings and Thanks
  2. Surender Jain–Carl and Barbara
  3. Surender Jain
  4. Barbara Langer and Abraham Ososky
  5. Patrick F. Smith–A New Career For Barbara Osofsky
  6. Patrick Smith.
  7. Vic Camillo–Testimony for Carl
  8. Vic Camillo
  9. John Cozzens
  10. Boyle’s Theorem, Conjecture, and Sigma-Injective Modules
  11. Pere Menal
  12. Alberto Facchini
  13. Dolors Herbera and Ahmad Shamsuddin
  14. José Luis Gómez Pardo
  15. Agata Smoktunowicz
  16. Carl Faith and Kevin McCrimmon on Nathan Jacobson
  17. Peter Pappas–Meeting Carl Faith Twice in My Life
  18. George Bergman
  19. Lia Vas–Story of my name
  20. Jan Trlifaj-The Story of My Name & Buying Carl’s Algebra
  21. Kaplansky and Rings & Things
  22. John Dauns–The Story of My Name
  23. Roger Wiegand
  24. Sylvia Wiegand
  25. Sergio Roberto Lopez-Permouth
  26. Dinh Van Huynh
  27. Japheth Meets the Kaschs in Korea
  28. Peter Vamos
  29. Paul Moritz Cohn
  30. Elbert and Carole Walker
  31. Galois Theory & Module Theory
  32. Johns Rings